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Founded in 1995 in New York City, CAROL FASS PUBLICITY & PUBLIC RELATIONS, INC. is a diverse public relations firm specializing in all phases of publicity and public relations related to books, authors, publishers, and the publishing industry itself. The agency also handles event planning and launches as well as a wide range of other clients including artists, clothing designers, food establishments, athletes, non-profit groups, and awards programs.


CAROL FASS, PRESIDENT, has had over 25 years of experience in all aspects of publicity and public relations for several leading publishers of hardcover, trade paperback and mass market books in both the adult and juvenile areas. Prior to launching her own company, she was a Vice-President, Publicity at Ballantine Books where she and her staff landed major media coverage of books, authors, and new lines, and helped to launch many bestsellers. She was also responsible for the placement of stories about senior executives within the corporation, with a frequent focus on nurturing the corporate image.

Among the authors with whom Fass has worked are Anne Rice, Michael Crichton, John Irving, Amy Tan, Erica Jong, Robert Fulghum, Alan Gurganus, Roseanne Arnold, Gail Godwin, Anna Quindlen, Sue Grafton, Dave Barry, Terry Brooks, Jim Davis, Douglas Adams, Annie LaMott, Richard North Patterson and Fannie Flagg.

Fass is on the Advisory Board of the Small Press Center, the Women’ Media Group, the Women’s National Book Association. A winner of the LMP Award, she lectures frequently about publishing and publicity before a variety of groups.

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Lucy Mathias has studied Communications and Media in creative industries such as music, theatre, and literature. She also has experience in website development and social media campaigns for both Facebook and Twitter. Mathias is a graduate of the College of William and Mary.